The Surfer's Path: A "100% Green" Magazine

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Between bamboo surfboards and the Surfrider Foundation, it's no surprise that most surfers wish to leave the Earth cleaner than they found it, and finally, there's a magazine that feeds their needs. While most glossies eschew recycled paper and soy or vegetable inks in favor of cheaper and far more harmful options, The Surfer's Path accrues the extra expense simply to live a greener--and bluer--life. Filled with gorgeous photography, top-notch genre writing, and plenty of adventure, U.K.-based SP says it's simply applying common sense--without a healthy eco-system, their sport is doomed. Though the mag is 30 years old, it only recently bit the bullet and came over to the green side. We applaud them for it. $45/six issues. ::The Surfer's Path [by MO]