The Sundance Channel Announces "The Green" Advisory Committee

Today, Sundance Channel has announced who will be on their advisory committee for The Green, and it includes TreeHugger and our very own Simran Sethi! "With THE GREEN [launching April 17th at 9 p.m.], Sundance Channel becomes the first television network in the United States to establish a major, regularly-scheduled programming destination dedicated entirely to the environment. Each week THE GREEN will present original series and documentary premieres about the earth's ecology and concepts of "green" living that balance human needs with responsible care for the planet." For more information about The Green (hosted by Robert Redford), check out Simran's post about it. You can see the full list of advisory committee members after the jump.Members of Sundance Channel's THE GREEN Advisory Committee are:

The Apollo Alliance -The mission of the Apollo Alliance is to build a broad-based constituency in support of a sustainable and clean energy economy that will create millions of good jobs for the nation, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and create cleaner and healthier communities. (

Ceres — Ceres is the leading U.S. coalition of investors and environmental leaders working to improve corporate environmental, social and governance practices. (

Environmental Media Association - The Environmental Media Association (EMA) mobilizes the entertainment industry in a global effort to educate people about environmental issues and inspire them into action. (

Global Green (USA) - Global Green USA is a national environmental organization addressing three of the greatest challenges facing humanity: global climate change, weapons of mass destruction, and clean, safe drinking water. (

Greenpeace (USA) - Greenpeace is a global organization focused on the most crucial worldwide threats to our planet's biodiversity and environment. (

The League of Conservation Voters - The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) is the independent political voice for the environment. To secure the environmental future of our planet, LCV's mission is to advocate for sound environmental policies and to elect pro-environmental candidates who will adopt and implement such policies (

National Parks Conservation Association. — The National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) is the leading voice of the American people in protecting and enhancing our National Park System. NPCA, its members, and partners work together to protect the park system and preserve our nation's natural, historical, and cultural heritage for generations to come. (

Natural Resources Defense Council - The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is a national, nonprofit organization of scientists, lawyers and environmental specialists dedicated to protecting public health and the environment. Founded in 1970, NRDC serves from offices in New York, Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Beijing. (

National Tribal Environmental Council - The National Tribal Environmental Council (NTEC) was formed in 1991 as a membership organization dedicated to working with and assisting tribes in the protection and preservation of tribal homelands. (

National Wildlife Federation - National Wildlife Federation inspires Americans to protect wildlife for our children's future. (

Oceana — Oceana is the largest international group focused 100% on protecting and restoring the world's oceans. (

Sierra Club - The Sierra Club, inspired by nature, works together to protect our communities and the planet; it is America's oldest, largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization. (

Sustainable South Bronx - Sustainable South Bronx (SSB) is a community organization dedicated to the implementation of sustainable development projects for the South Bronx. (

Treehugger - A 10,000+ posts website dedicated to news and highlights of the modern+green lifestyle. (

U.S. Public Interest Research Group - U.S. PIRG is an advocate for the public interest. When consumers are cheated, or our natural environment is threatened, or the voices of ordinary citizens are drowned out by special interest lobbyists, U.S. PIRG speaks up and takes action.

Waterkeeper Alliance - Waterkeeper Alliance connects and supports local Waterkeeper programs to provide a voice for clean waterways and their communities worldwide. (

World Wildlife Fund - For more than 45 years, WWF has been protecting the future of nature and is the largest multinational conservation organization in the world. WWF's unique way of working combines global reach with a foundation in science, involves action at every level, from local to global, and ensures the delivery of innovative solutions that meet the needs of both people and nature. (

Yves Behar (fuseproject) - Yves Béhar is the founder of the San Francisco-based design studio fuseproject. Behar's work includes green products for the likes of Herman Miller and Birkenstock, as well as socially responsible projects such as the One Laptop Per Child. His projects are included in the permanent collections of museums worldwide, including MOMA. Behar also serves as the Industrial Design chair at CCA in San Francisco. (

Majora Carter (Exec Director & Founder, Sustainable South Bronx) - Majora Carter is an award-winning community activist/organizer and life-long resident of the Hunts Point community in the South Bronx. She is the founder and executive director of Sustainable South Bronx, a community organization dedicated to the implementation of sustainable development projects for the South Bronx. (

Laurie David (Global Warming Activist, Film Producer) — Laurie David is a trustee of the Natural Resources Defense Council ( She is best known for her efforts to stop global warming and founded the Stop Global Warming Virtual March at ( David is the author of two books, Stop Global Warming: The Solution is You! and the upcoming Scholastic title Down to Earth. She is also a producer of An Inconvenient Truth ( ) starring Al Gore ( and nominated for the 2007 Academy Award® for Best Documentary Feature. (

Amanda Griscom Little (writer) Amanda Griscom Little writes the Muckraker column on environmental politics and policy published in and, as well as the Code Green column for Outside magazine. Her articles have appeared in publications ranging from Rolling Stone to The New York Times Magazine. She is currently writing Power Trip (HarperCollins), a journey through America's energy past, present and future. (

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (President, Waterkeeper Alliance) - Mr. Kennedy serves as Senior Attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council and President of Waterkeeper Alliance. He is also a Clinical Professor and Supervising Attorney at Pace University School of Law's Environmental Litigation Clinic and is co-host of Ring of Fire on Air America Radio. (

Mindy Lubber (President, Ceres) Mindy S. Lubber is the President of Ceres, the leading U.S. coalition of investors and environmental leaders working to improve corporate environmental, social and governance practices. She also directs the Investor Network on Climate Risk (INCR), an alliance that coordinates U.S. investor responses to the financial risks and opportunities posed by climate change. (

Joel Makower (founder & executive editor of - For nearly 20 years, Joel Makower has been a well-respected voice on business, the environment, and the bottom line. As a writer, speaker, and strategist on corporate environmental practices, clean technology, and green marketing, he has helped a wide range of companies align environmental responsibility with business success. (

Pat Mitchell (President, Museum Radio and Television) — Pat Mitchell is the current President and Chief Executive Officer of the Museum of Television and Radio in New York City and the as well as former President and CEO of Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). Mitchell is also the founding president of Global Green, USA, President Gorbachev's global environmental organization and vice chair of the Sundance Institute board. (

Jerome Ringo (The Apollo Alliance & NWF) - Jerome Ringo is chairman of the board of the National Wildlife Federation, the first African American in such a leadership position at a major national environmental group and was recently named president of the Apollo Alliance, a coalition of organized labor, environmental, business and civil rights leaders determined to free the United States of dependence on foreign oil. (;

Simran Sethi (TreeHugger) - Simran Sethi is an award-winning journalist who hosts weekly environmental news segments for, the largest pure environmental site on the internet. She is the co-auther of Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy (Chelsea Green), a primer on sustainable business practices. (

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