The Summer Issue: Innovative Home

We continue to be confused about Innovative Home and its ambition to "advance and effect change within the residential shelter industry."The summer issue is a lot more interesting than the Spring, but the four highlighted homes are way over the top; the first is 14,250 square feet, busting a zoning bylaw that limits houses in the county to 5500 square feet (it is "grandfathered" in but these rules exist for a reason). The next owner demolished Ringo Starr's house for having a "relatively small stature", which is not a particularly innovative approach.

There is a wonder by Barton Myers, an interesting article on green landscaping, good coverage of container housing and Modular 3 from Studio 804. But in the end, so many talented people are involved with this magazine, such grand ambitions, (what happened to the Institute for Home Innovation?) but ultimately not much innovation. Not yet online at ::Innovative Home