The Stunning Beauty of Pollination Caught on Film (Video)

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Image credit: TED/Louie Schwartzberg

As Discovery launches a network-wide push entitled Bees on the Brink, we're turning our attention back to honeybees, the challenges they face, and what we can do to help them. From the deep dependence of our food system on honeybees to the shocking decline in bumblebee populations, the case that pollinators are facing a crisis is hard to refute. But intellectual arguments only go so far. Sometimes we just have to take a step back and marvel at the beauty that nature presents us with. Film maker Louie Schwartzberg has been capturing stunning time-lapse cinematography of pollinators ranging from bees to bats for years. It is, he says, a reminder of our connection to the web of life. "We'll protect what we fall in love with" he argues. Let's just hope he's right.

Inspired into action by the crisis of Colony Collapse Disorder and vanishing honeybees, Schwartzberg's new movie entitled Wings of Life: A Love Story that Feeds the Earth captures the hidden, intricate details of the pollination process, and tells the story of the dance of co-evolution between pollinators and flowers, not to mention the myriad of species that feed on the fruits of this dance.

stunning beauty of pollination photoTED/Video screen capture

It is truly incredible stuff. As if the case for saving bees, butterflies and birds was not strong enough on its own, Schwartzberg sets out to entangle us in the very story of seduction that his cameras seek to capture.

Check out the Bees on the Brink webpage for more stunning honeybee related coverage from across the Discovery network.

bats beauty of pollination photoTED/Video screen capture

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