The Slate Green Challenge

Hopefully by now you’ve made a commitment to read labels, purchase organic, and support local farms. (If so, we applaud your efforts to live a greener lifestyle!) However, have you noticed in what type of materials your favorite products are packaged? Purchasing food and other consumer goods with reusable, recyclable, or reduced packaging could reduce your emissions by 230 pounds a year. Knock off another 17 lbs by using your own reusable grocery bag to transport your healthy fare. Carving off pounds while purchasing food – who would’ve thought?

For more information on how to lose hundreds of pounds in emissions per year, join The Slate Green Challenge with Treehugger. Sign up with the thousands of readers who are making an effort to collectively reduce our CO2 emissions by 20%. Think you have what it takes? It all starts with a simple emissions footprint quiz. If you are one of the first 500 to cross the finish line, our sponsors at I’m Organic will hook you up with a new t-shirt. Good luck! ::Slate Green Challenge Welcome ::Slate Green Challenge Week 3: Food

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