::The Slate Green Challenge: Week 8 - Home & Office

Looking for an inexpensive way to reduce your carbon emissions at home? Try making your own household cleaners from natural ingredients. Many conventional cleaners are made with petrochemicals and other potentially toxic chemicals. By creating your own special blend, you can save plastic and money while reducing your CO2 emissions.

It is the last week for the Slate Green Challenge with Treehugger, but it’s not too late to join the pledge to reduce our collective carbon emissions by 20 percent. Start with a carbon footprint quiz and continue with articles that relate CO2 emissions to such topics as holiday shopping, transportation, and water usage. If you are one of the first 500 challengers to finish, our friends and sponsors at I’m Organic will supply you with a brand new organic t-shirt. ::Slate Green Challenge Welcome ::Slate Green Challenge Week 8: Home & Office

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