::The Slate Green Challenge: Week 7 - Water

If you are using a conventional showerhead with an optional flow restrictor, you can save more water and substantially improve the quality of your shower with the purchase of a high-performance showerhead. Efficient showerheads, which you can find for less than $20, you can cut your water usage by 25–75 percent without sacrificing the quality of your shower. However, the cheapest and easiest solution for improving your water efficiency is to cut down on your shower time. The shorter your shower, the more CO2 you’ll save from heating the water, as showers account for two-thirds of all water heating costs.

Surf over to Slate to check out this week's installment of The Green Challenge, all about one of our most precious commodities - water. Haven't hopped on the bandwagon yet? You can start anytime with our carbon footprint quiz and join the pledge to drop a collective 20 percent of our CO2 emissions. The first 500 lucky challengers to complete the challenge win a T-shirt from our friends and sponsors over at I'm Organic. ::Slate Green Challenge Welcome ::Slate Green Challenge Week 7: Water

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