The Slate Green Challenge: Week 5 - Electricity


Nowadays, it’s hard to live without your iPod, laptop, alarm clock, cell phone, television, and all those other modern conveniences that make life a little easier (and more fun). But, did you know that leaving these devices plugged in while not in use constantly draws at least 1 kw of energy per gadget? If you are like the rest of us (guilty!), you could be using up to ten appliances at any given time. Try unplugging your gadgets or using a power strip that can be shut off completely, which can save up to 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions per two-person household annually, as well as hundreds of dollars off your energy bills.

To date, almost 27,000 people have joined us on The Slate Green Challenge. That equates to a pledge of 46 million pounds of collective CO2 reduction! There are four weeks remaining in the challenge and you can still join us. It all starts with a carbon footprint analysis and follows with information on such topics as food, transportation and this week’s topic -- electricity. Be one of the first 500 to complete the challenge and win a free t-shirt from our friends and sponsors at I’m Organic. ::Slate Green Challenge Welcome ::Slate Green Challenge Week 5: Electricity

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