The Slate Green Challenge - Week 3 Food

Still waiting for the verdict on organic foods? The truth is out! It’s a fact that organic, locally produced foods taste better and contain more nutritional benefits than conventional, mass-produced grub. Not to mention that organics have less of an impact on soil, wildlife, water and the climate. When you purchase local organics, you help support community farms that are smaller-scale, more biodiverse, and use half the amount of energy as traditional industrial farms. Plus, it’s an easy way to trim 20% off your annual carbon emissions!

Find ways to curb your carbon appetite by joining The Slate Green Challenge. We will provide you with news and information on issues from holiday shopping to energy use to this week's topic, food. It all starts with an initial footprint quiz. Be one of the first 500 that helps us collectively cut our CO2 emissions by 20% and win a Green Challenge t-shirt from our sponsors at I’m Organic.
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