The Slate Green Challenge Week 2: Heating


If your thermostat had a theme song, would it be "It's Gettin' Hot in Here?" Or are you an energy miser who prides yourself on wearing mittens to bed? Either way, it's likely your house is letting some of that precious heat escape via various cracks and air ducts. In the U.S., more than half of our energy bills (about $1,500 annually for the average household) goes toward heating and cooling our homes. Weatherizing your home can help. And simply moving your thermostat down 2 degrees will you save you both money and an average of 2,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide from being emitted into the atmosphere per year.

Click on over to Slate to check out this week's installment of the Green Challenge, all about energy and heating. Haven't hopped on the bandwagon yet? You can start anytime with our carbon footprint quiz and join the pledge to drop a collective 20 percent of our CO2 emissions. You could win a T-shirt from our sponsors over at I'm Organic and you'll definiltey be helping to curb global warming. ::Slate Green Challenge with TreeHugger: Heating ::Slate green Challenge with TreeHugger: Welcome
[This post was written by Brittany Jacobs, fabulous intern on the Slate Green Challenge with TreeHugger.]
NB: Last week's segment of the Slate Green Challenge with TreeHugger focused on transportation. Did you know that you can help reduce carbon emissions simply by using the Web? Hybrid cars are great, but if you don't have one, you can still help reduce emissions by buying energy certificates, or green tags, that go toward supporting renewable energy sources. Check out Drive Neutral and to learn more. The latter also allows you to purchase green tags that can help offset your individual or your family's energy use at large.