The Seven Most Un-TreeHugger Products of 2008

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Wherein round up our favourite un-TreeHugger Products of the Year:

Poop Freeze: The "Enviromentally Friendly" Way to Deal With It

Dogs can be wonderful creatures, but they do tend to leave deposits, which in most places have to be picked up, usually in plastic bags, and then disposed of. It is often an unpleasant task; that is why we are so excited about Poop-freeze, the new way to keep the environment clean of unsightly dog poop by spraying it with something that freezes it on contact. More at More

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Just What We Needed Dept.: Seven Things You Don't Want for Christmas

My favorite talmudic anecdote is from the Rabbi who noted "my life has been blessed, because I never knew I needed anything until I had it." I know exactly how he felt; How have I coped without this One Click Butter Cutter? found on Dvice. No wonder North American kitchens are so big, they have to accommodate all of this crap. See more of it at More

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Just Say No to Faux: Sky Factory Virtual Skylights

Skylights are wonderful things; they bring in natural light for free and can be part of a passive solar heating design. Or, they can be kilowatt-sucking imitations of the real thing "displaying terabytes of HD content in the structure of a full-size faux skylight, SkyV presents the essence of nature’s sky-events in vivid sequences." More at More WARNING: Auto-play audio

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UnTreehugger: Gas Powered Party Blender

Uhm. Yeah. We're not sure exactly what this is even used for. Maybe if you need to make enough margaritas to feed an entire army, literally, and in under 2.5 seconds, then what you need my friend is this gas-powered-party-blender. The best thing they have to say about it is that it is "the sensible alternative to cutting ice with a chain-saw."

It has a "2-stroke, 43cc gas powered variable speed engine" so you can go from chop to puree to obliterate with just the flick of a switch. Did we mention it's gas-powered? Get one now before gas prices go back up again. Seriously. At $275 USD, don't worry there's free shipping, you'd better sell more than lemonade with this thing if you want to recoup the cost. More

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Waste of Energy Dept: Laser Park Right

Most people know how to park their car without putting it through the back of the garage; those who do not have lots of low tech options, including tennis balls on strings hanging from the ceiling or a rubber bumper on the floor. But why go low tech when you can have fricking lasers connected to a motion detector that lights up and shines on your vehicle when it is time to put your foot on the big wide pedal? More

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Waste of Energy Department: In-Car Microwave

It is surprising that this wonderful product comes out of the UK; I would have thought the long commutes in the US and Canada would have proved more fertile ground for a microwave designed for "meals on the move! Compact and portable. It is advised that you start the vehicle prior to using the microwave to improve cooking times and prevent the car battery from becoming discharged." More

please sir can I have smore? image

We recently learned that this is a Wednesday tradition over at Unclutterer. Top o' the list is the incredibly useful Microwavable S'mores maker, where as one commenter put it, a little R2D2 holds "cardio-paddles from a defribulator" for marshmallows. Waste of Energy Dept: More Silly Appliances


Gasoline in Wine Bottles? So Stupid it Just Might Work!

You know that the terroirists have won when they start bottling gasoline like fine wine. The price has dropped since the post, so now they are just bottling it like water. More

The Seven Most Un-TreeHugger Products of 2008
Dogs can be wonderful creatures, but they do tend to leave deposits, which in most places have to be picked up, usually in

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