The Sad State of our Construction Industry

After being so inspired by Bill McDonough, we descended into the bunker to see the Construct Canada trade show and see what is new and green, with a big promotion of products with an ecobuild label. What a depressing experience- little green balloons labelled "GREEN PRODUCT" over products like silicone caulk. Why is it green? "um, it saves energy". ICF's- basements made of stryrofoam and concrete- are called "eco-block". Granite- how is blasting stone out of the Canadian Shield even vaguely green? We needed a shower after all of the greenwashing. Enough of this fake Greenlabelling. Give us real green products and real third-party certification.::"Green" products at Construct Canada

We like this one. Owens-Corning pink fibreglass has certification from


but when you look at thier standards, they permit formaldehyde to .05ppm, admittedly half of the ASHRAE maximum level but when one can go out and buy formaldehyde free fibreglass from a competitor or superior green products like Icynene, how can you call this green?