The Road to Copenhagen Is Long - Especially When You Walk, Bike, or Hitchhike

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Photo via Roz Savage web site.
Roz Savage and Alison Garnett are not especially fond of walking - water is Savage's natural element as she's a dedicated rower in the middle of a cross-Pacific rowing quest, and Garnett is an enthusiastic free snowboarder.

Yet the two are part of a small group, clad in bright orange parkas and long underwear, that are already underway a long walk - from Big Ben to Brussels - en route to the Copenhagen climate meetings. Savage and Garnett aren't the only ones finding unconventional ways to transport themselves to the climate summit. Of course, there are plenty of people choosing conventional air travel, and plenty of people that don't have a choice. But here are three groups that are going it without the direct use of fossil fuels:

Ride Planet Earth - Nearly there! from Ricky Tart on Vimeo.

1. Chris Keene and the Zero Carbon Caravan

Keene, a retired schoolteacher, has become a "full-time Green campaigner" and rode his recumbent bike across England and the Netherlands and is now in Northern Germany on his way to Copenhagen. He's stopping at climate-friendly communities and spots of interest along the way. For the last leg he's cycling together with Kim Nguyen, who has biked from Australia to attend the conference and founded Ride Planet Earth to promote climate change activism and cycling.

2. Liverpool Climate "Charge"

A group of 60 students from Liverpool and Manchester are supporting Oxfam's Here and Now campaign by hitching their way across four countries to reach the talks by December 11. They have started a Facebook group and hope to raise £3,000 for Oxfam's efforts to help climate adaptation projects in Nepal and Bangladesh.

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Photo montage via Peddling Against Climate Change.

3. Peddling Against Climate Change.

This core group of six students at Uppsala University in Sweden call themselves Peddling Against Climate Change, and plan to cycle the nearly 700 kilometers to Copenhagen in 8 days, with stops to pick up other interested cyclists in southern Sweden, a trip by train over the Öresund bridge, and cycling the last few miles.

No any other groups taking a unique approach to arriving to COP-15? Let us know in the comments.

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