The Rich Are Different from You and Me. They Emit more Carbon.


They used to say, "If you've got it, flaunt it!" and if you had money you could spend it any way you wanted. Times have changed; when I look at this poster child for carbon rationing in Toronto's Forest Hill, I just get angry. it has lights on the house, lights on the columns, it even has fricking lights at the tops of the trees. Every watt it is pumping into the sky is making carbon, affecting my kids' future and the survival of our planet. It is time to start making this kind of excess an embarrassment. I have set up a flickr tag "treehuggerlighting" -Send us your picture of excessive and extravagant exterior lighting and we will find a prize somewhere in Graham's bag for the most extraordinary photo. Maybe we can shame these people into turning out the lights or convince our governments to make it illegal. ::Treehugger Lighting

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