The Prefabricated Home

Now that Thanksgiving and Buy Nothing Day are out of the way, we can get down to serious shopping. Time to look in our Gift Guide!

If someone on your list is interested in prefab, there are two books worth reading- Allison Arieff and Bryan Burkhart's Prefab, which really started the current modern prefab craze (3 years old and still a great read); and, Brand new in the States, Colin Davies' The Prefabricated Home, far more academic and a thorough analysis of the history of prefab and the failure of architects to understand it. The best book we have read on the history, successes and failures of prefabrication. We quote the last sentences:

"A garden shed can be more enchanting than a luxury villa; a roadside restaurant can be as pleasant as a pavilion in a park. It is a question of judgment, of caring about the building and its future life, of knowing how to strike the right balance between standard products and special places. Architects ought to be good at this kind of thing. But designing one-off prototypes to amuse their colleagues will get them nowhere. To make a real difference, they must learn the lesson of the prefabricated house." More information at ::Amazon