The Paperless Office Doesn't Get Any Closer. Or Does It?

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Leo Hickman notes that the paperless office has been promised for years." Its repeated failure to arrive is as big a letdown as the perennial office party."

According to Tim Bowler, the director of the National Association of Paper Merchants, it is getting worse.


Raymond Loewy's paperless office of the future

The real problem, according to Bowler, is that the paper consumption is being outsourced from the company to the end user.

Paper use is being "pushed down the line to the end consumer. For example, we now receive many of our utility bills online and print them off at home. As a result, you see people picking up a packet of A4 (European equivalent of letter sized) paper in the supermarket. You would never have seen that a decade ago."

I am not so certain of that; it takes me over a year to go through a ream of paper now, I almost never print anything. My inkjet cartridges would dry out between print sessions.