The Palm: Solar Powered Rep Cinema


Second run repertory movie theatres are on the wane, under pressure from the earlier releases of DVDs. Yet the big screen provides a much richer movie experience, the second run houses are often as cheap as the DVD rental and you don't have to own any equipment to play it- dare we call them a PPS? Furthermore they often show movies that the big chains just don't bother picking up. (Like the fabulous "The Lives of Others" seen last night in a rep house). We would have loved to see it in San Luis Obispo's Palm Theatre, a three screen house that is solar powered. Since the theatre doesn't open until 3:45 the panels collect enough energy to cover all its electicity use in summer months. The theater still remains on the grid for less sunny days when there is not enough sunlight to produce an adequate amount of power. Since installing the solar panels in July 2004, the theater's energy costs have already decreased by at least 50 percent. "We have hopes that the annual energy costs will be cut by 70 percent in next three years," Theatre Manager Jack Conroy said. ::Mustang Daily

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