The Organic Portraits Project

The Organic Portraits Project, an experiment seeking humanitarian and environmental awareness through fashion, art, and media, was originally conceived of way back in 2000 by New York-based photographer, John F. Cooper, who, along with stylist Peter Brown, began creating living art pieces centered on humanity and its intrinsic connection with nature. The images created by the duo were intended to be bound into book, ...with 100% of its proceeds donated to rainforest conservation. Unfortunately (due to the events of September 11, 2001), the project was put on hold. But in 2003, a curious Cornell University student, part-time model, and eco-minded activist named Summer Rayne Oakes breathed new life into the project, adding ever-more sustainable, environmental, and humanitarian aspects to the project--and broadening its realm. This rebirth and the group’s stylish, heady exploration of beauty and art, nature and diversity, and the human form’s place among them, are meant to be a moody testament to the one-ness of all of things. These portraits are the very images that belie the message that the Organic Portraits Project aims to convey: that human beings are inextricably, in every way, a living part of Nature. ::The Organic Portraits Project [by MO]




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