The Observer's Low Carbon Diet - (or how to lose half a tonne in just one month)

Given popular culture's endless obsession with fad diet's and losing weight it seems like this new Low Carbon diet could catch on fast. Lucy Siegle from The Observer Magazine, offers 36 positive suggestions on how we can 'change our lives in the form of three simple and enticing menus, calculated not in calories but 'carbs''. While it won't help you lose those extra pounds round your waist or hips, you will see a dramatic weight loss off your carbon footprint, half a tonne no less! Unless you commit to the bicyling option of course - then you'll be losing carbs and calories at the same time - bonus! This Low Carbon Diet could be the healthiest diet of them all, not only helping yourself, but the rest of the planet as well. Some of these diet suggestions are more radical than others, we can imagine people's reluctance to unplug their digital tv box, but remembering to turn off the lights and turning your thermostat down are super easy! We know that diets are notoriously difficult to stick to, but there are so many options in this diet that even if you only manage to commit to some of them you will still be losing weight! Plus you can eat as much as you like, as long as it's local! Read the full Observer Magazine article to get started with shedding those carbs today. :: The Observer Magazine