The North Face/Lexus Ice Lounge at Sundance: Celeb Offsetting Bonanza


Justin Timberlake at the Ice Lounge

In addition to making Project Greenhouse happen, Lexus partnered with The North Face to create the Ice Lounge.

Am a bit tardy reporting on my Ice Lounge excursion. Though I had to scoot in and out to get to an interview, the winter wonderland vibe impressed me more than my Grist counterpart. The Lexus Hybrid SUV picked me up just on time and we disappeared up circuitous roadways to the ultra-secure frozen structure. Inside, Dennis Hopper chilled on some Q Collection while Rick Fox and other famous athletes I can't name mingled.

I got to chat with folks from The Conservation Fund and Ski Green who were there to let the entertainment community know about their efforts. Through on-site fund raisers, the Ice Lounge peeps tell me they raised enough for The Conservation Fund to offset more than 10,500 tons of CO2.

From the sounds of it, The North Face will soon impress it with its eco-innovation! We're eager to see what sorts of sustainability plans they roll out.

Additional guests included celebs like Justin Timberlake, Sienna Miller, Josh Hartnett, Heather Graham, Tom Arnold, Danny Masterson, Joe Pantoliano, Justin Theroux, Katherine Heigl, and Timothy Hutton.

::The Conservation Fund, Ski Green