The North Face Can Sleep at Night in Recycled Sleeping Bags

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Previously we made mention of all the back-of-house eco initiatives, that outdoor icon The North Face were pursuing. At the time those endeavours hadn’t really percolated through to their product line. However, we've noticed they rectified that situation.In particular they make two sleeping bags that employ recycled materials.

For example, there is the Green Kazoo, an eco rendering of their revered Blue Kazoo (above). Rated to 15ºF (-10°C) this three season bag is insulated with about 640 grams of 600+ fill power Eastern European goose down. All of which is contained within an envelope of recycled fabrics. The outer shell is 100% recycled Eco Pertex, while the lining is a soft taffeta also of 00% recycled polyester. All the other features are as for the Blue Kazoo, a bag they had in the line since Methuselah was a boy. But now by using recycled fabrics The North Face figure that each bag reduces energy consumption by 84% and CO2 output by 77%.

The North Face Re Meow photo

The other bag that has had a greening comes with an equally distinguished pedigree. (I bought mine 27 years ago!) It’s the Cats’ Meow, now updated as the Re Meow (above). This is a synthetic bag filled with Climashield HL Green continuous filament synthetic insulation, which is 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, mostly derived from drink bottles. This is wrapped inside a shell of Eco Pertex and100% post-consumer recycled polyester ripstop, allowing the bagto keep its occupant cosy down to about 20°F (-7°C).

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