The next Martha Stewart of the Green Movement...


Is Martha herself. According to The Eightfold,

"Martha should pull an Al Gore to become the icon for "creative conservation". She could be a platform for all the geek chic energy out there to use art and design to encourage sustainability and could transform conservation from cheap to chic for the masses."

I think Eightfold's on to something; I've argued before that getting away from a specifically green aesthetic - earth tones, blatantly recycled composites, hemp and unfinished bamboo, etc.- should be a goal for designers, as this aesthetic expectation prevents green design from becoming, simply, design. If Martha Stewart took up the mantle of green icon, a huge swath of people who are turned off by the hipster DIY ethos, yet love very similar projects when they're framed within the trope of creative homemaking, could become converts.

The Eightfold says she's already most of the way there: "

It’s not your cultural footprint. In reading your magazines and watching your show, you have a precision and energy that only comes from devotion to one’s art. It’s this unadulterated love of creation — not simply your aesthetic — which inspires people. It’s this love that can and should be harnessed to help the world."

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