The New York Times's Green Inc. Has a New Name and Mission


Image: NYT

A few months after the Wall Street Journal shut down its green blog, Environmental Capital, the New York Times forging ahead in the opposite direction by broadening the coverage of its green blog. To highlight the change in mission, Green Inc. will now be known as simply Green (not exactly a standout name, but we'll probably refer to it as NYT Green or something like that). They write:

We'll be reporting from the halls of Congress, from the streets of New Delhi, from green homes and green kitchens, from the Mojave Desert, the Everglades and the Gowanus Canal, from communities across the country where green experiments are unfolding.

We'll introduce you to many of the central figures in the environmental landscape, asking them questions on your behalf. We'll also be drawing more fully on that endlessly comprehensive, adventurous entity that is The New York Times, bringing you regular dispatches from staff reporters who cover energy and environmental issues regionally, nationally and internationally.

Best of luck to our neighbors in the green blogosphere (do people still use that word?). I'm looking forward to the expanded coverage, and I hope that more of those stories will make their way in one shape or another to the NYT's main page or even paper edition. Better informed citizens are crucial to building a better, greener civilization. Keep up the good fight!

Via NYT Green
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