The New York Times Gets Green Inc., Inhabitat Goes to Church, Ethical Weddings Show in London, and More


Ethical Weddings: Inspiration for an ethical wedding at the National Wedding Show by Katie Fewings. "Glam green brides have long been able to get their eco chic wedding fix online but now we’re joining forces with Green Guide to bring our top ethical knot tying tips to a wider audience at The National Wedding Show this Friday 26th, Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th September at Earls Court in London."

Inhabitat: SOM’s Stunning Cathedral of Christ the Light by Bridgette Steffen
"Throughout time, cathedrals have signified some of the human race’s most awe-inspiring architectural endeavors. Continuing this trend, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill recently completed construction on their incredible Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland."The Green Guy: Carnival of the Green # 146 by Adam Vaughan
"Green Fertility Marie has a review of BioBags on the Green Fertility blog. Are Sand Dunes the Future of Skiing? Tim Fowler ponders the question on EcoJoe writes about making a reused cat home for his local stray cat."

Style Will Save Us: Itsy Eco Interview-Arthur Potts Dawson
"Amidst the madness of cooking, composting and nurturing his rooftop kitchen gardens, the eco-pioneering North London chef finds the time to spill the beans on his Kung Fu obsession, Uncle Mick Jagger’s favourite home-cooked grub and the most irresistible recipe from his new Acorn House Cookbook…"

The New York Times Green Inc: The Solar Tax Credit Roller Coaster - A Personal View by Jan Ellen Spiegel. "It had to happen sooner or later. After writing about the solar industry and its attending rebate programs for so long — after covering the expense, the state subsidies, the tax credits from the feds, the allure of lower electricity bills — I finally took a good hard look at my own roof, with its perfect southern exposure, and decided to take the leap."

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