The Nature Nappy


We have to agree with inventor Charishma Seneviratne that disposable diapers are an environmental disaster. Just in Australia alone, 2.2 million disposable diapers are used, most ending up in the landfill. They contain toxins and plastics that will take an extremely long time to break down. That's why Charishma started researching and continued on to develop the only 100% biodegradable, disposable "nappy." Clinical studies have proven that this diaper will take just six months to fully biodegrade. Like all other diapers, this one consists of two layers: the absorbent layer and the outer, waterproof layer. The outer layer is made from natural fibers while the absorbent layer is made of a protein gel, wood pulp and other natural ingredients. The Nature Nappy only uses 10% wood pulp as opposed to 60% used in conventional disposables. We think that Charishma has come up with an excellent concept. One question we have is where can we purchase them? It doesn't seem as if we can online and the website also doesn't give the name of stores that carry them either. Anyone? Thanks for the tip, "SB!" ::The Nature Nappy