The Nail Kicker. Is This Thing Interesting? You tell me.

Sometimes I feel like I've lost all ability to gauge what people will find interesting (but how can you blame me, I work from home). Anyway, this little baby struck me as slick and worth sharing, even though I'll probably never own one. The Nail Kicker is a like a pneumatic nail gun, but in reverse. Applied to the pointy end, the Nail Kicker shoots the nail out of a piece of wood from the backside without damaging the lumber. According to the company, the Nail Kicker vastly simplifies the process of salvaging wood, as nail removal is one of the most tedious and time-consuming parts of the job. It can also save new wood from the scrap heap. Environmental Building News writes that, according to Reconnx, "11% of new wood is discarded each year, often due to misnailing or the temporary use of wood for braces or forms that leaves it full of nails." This is obviously a boon to the building industry, but might also mean that reclaimed wood furniture becomes more affordable. $250 from Reconnx :: Nail Kicker via Environmental Building News