The Nag Asks: Why Do We Always Buy Roses on Valentine's Day?


We want to give our love to The Nag this Valentine's Day, purely for their best Nag so far. It's one that makes you think, it's educational, it's topical and it's very easy to do! The big question is: Why do we always have to buy our love roses for Valentine's? Surely there's a more original, more beautiful and even more sustainable flower we could give? The Nag's suggestion is that we should think more about seasonal flowers - what's in bloom this time of year in the UK? It sure ain't roses! Click through to find out which flower it is.


The snowdrop. Sweet and pretty and very much more local than roses flown in from Africa or Ecuador. We love the comparative love notes the Nag has written for these two very different Valentine's gifts.

"My love..I bought you roses, grown by underpaid Kenyans, working for foreign-owned factories, who used pesticides and water from drying rivers in an arid country..."

"Darling...I bought you snowdrops, grown wild in UK woodlands with no chemicals, then packed up safely and popped in the post, the bulbs wrapped in moss..."

The Nag recommends the Snowdrops grown wild in the Scottish woodlands of Cambo Estate. To find out how to order go to The Nag's website.

:: The Nag
:: Cambo Estate

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