The Modern Green Movement Explained in Diagrams (VIDEO)

modern green movement

There's so much going on in the modern green movement that it can be hard to grasp where the whole thing is heading, and how bloggers in Australia, activists in Africa, scientists in the US, and so on, are all stitched together. This segment from Current TV offers a nice, straightforward attempt to lay out the battle plan in simple terms. Check it out in the video after the jump.

There are a number of good points here, including that the front line of communication is now online interaction--blogs, Twitter, emails, Skype, RSS feeds; these are the tools that modern greens are using to spread the word. You might already be following TreeHugger on Twitter, or be our friend on Facebook--case in point. If you're not, guess where those links take you?

And the question Leah raises is a valid one--who do you trust in the ever-cluttering mass of green voices out there? Who do you follow?

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