The Masterful Beatboxing Shlomo: Music Without Instruments

Beatboxin' Schlomo making some noise.

The Big Cheese behind TreeHugger, Graham Hill, hit the Arctic as part of Cape Farewell's 2008 Disko Bay expedition to witness the direct environmental effects of climate change. In a science research boat, he traveled alongside over 40 artists, scientists and rock stars.

At TreeHugger, we love less. Less is more, small is sexy, mini is magnificent. We love us some small houses, small cars and small bikes. The one thing smaller than small? Nothing, nada, zip. Enter Shlomo and his mouth of many instruments (includes vids!)...One of the first fellow team members I met on the Cape Farewell 2008 expedition was the lovely Simon Shlomo Kahn. A 24 year old, married, peppermint tea addict who is a leading beatboxer. Beatboxing, for those of you who don't know, is the art of using your mouth to create beats.

On the trip, we were blessed with the company of some very talented musicians such as Leslie Feist, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Vanessa Carlton and Robyn Hitchcock, just to name a few. A bunch of them were nice enough to play together for the enjoyment of the team and some of the locals. It brought a big smile to my face seeing Shlomo jamming with the gang and the ease with which he can pull from his extensive library of mouth-based music. He whipped out the works--from a complete drum kit to a turntable playing Work It by Missy Elliot, to an Indian Sitar--all this in addition to a double bass, guitars, trumpets and more! When asked if he could do the tuba, he said, "No, but I'll learn it!"

Will invisible instruments solve the climate crisis? Not so much. But the approach is yet another one that shows that with some creativity we can easily and enjoyably live with less. And while Shlomo is currently focused on Beat Box Academy, perhaps this trip will spur him to also inspire his audience to fight climate change.

New Yorkers: Shlomo hasn't played here...let's get him a gig!

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