"The Majestic Plastic Bag": Documentary on the Plastic Cycle of Life (Video)

pacific garbage patch photo

Image credit: Heal the Bay

I've wondered before whether plastic bags are a distraction, and Bonnie has marveled at the lengths people will go to to get a designer reusable grocery bag instead. But having just watched a fascinating online documentary, I am never going to look at the humble plastic bag in the same light again. For the first time ever, a team of crack wildlife film makers have tracked the "majestic" plastic bag on its long journey from its urban birthplace all the way to its natural habitat—the pacific ocean. Quite remarkable. Narrated by Jeremy Irons, this BBC-style mockumentary captures the journey of one lone plastic bag as it traverses many dangers—from terriers to park services—on its long and arduous journey to join its fellow petroleum products in their natural and enduring habitat—the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Created by Heal the Bay, the video is a fun, and in many ways eerily (and ironically) beautiful, call to action. Campaigners are urging Californians to support to support AB 1998, a California bill that would ban plastic bags at major retailers.

Update: If you like this documentary, you'll probably also love the Alex's post about the best film you'll ever see about a plastic bag - narrated by Werner Herzog. (Now also embedded below.)

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