The Long Emergency

James Howard Kunstler's The Geography of Nowhere was hugely influential in promoting the New Urbanism movement in the last 15 years. Now Kunstler has written "The Long Emergency", just released with his usual exquisite timing, about the effects of Peak Oil. In an interview in Salon on Saturday, He scoffs at hydrogen cars and even windmills, pointing out that no substitute for fossil fuels will enable us to continue living like we do, in a society that was essentially designed and built to run on cheap fuel. Our Cities, our jobs and our lifestyles are going to change dramatically.

"One thing that I'm predicting is that there will be a vigorous and futile defense of suburbia and all its entitlements, no matter what reality is telling us to do. And this will translate into a lot of political mischief. You can quote me: Americans will vote for cornpone Nazis before they will give up their entitlements to a McHouse and a McCar." Read a remarkable interview in ::Salon Magazine and his blog ::Clusterfuck Nation by[LA]