The Living Wall at the Green Living Show


I visited the Green Living Show in Toronto, which is something everyone within a reasonable distance should do, it is great. Almost all of the exhibits were interesting and perhaps three could be classed as greenwashing (fabulous ratio for shows, if you go, try and guess which ones) , and some are really outstanding.

Some are perhaps revolutionary. Beside highways everywhere, there are sound barriers made of concrete or steel. Anthony Biglieri and Josef Scholbeck have developed the living wall, a double wall of willow with earth filled between, to make a green, CO2 absorbing, growing wall that provides a visual and acoustic barrier that actually does something. What a wonderful idea at ::TheLivingWall


"The Living Wall is based on an old craft of using willow to make wicket fences and is patterned on the natural growth of willow. It consists of robust 2 – 3 year old willow of various kinds, joined together with weather resistant laths and posts. This ensures fast and simple erection and controlled growth. A drip system can be used the first year to ensure the best conditions for growth. Maintenance consists of an annual trimming of new shoots. "

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