The Live Earth From Israel?

We have mixed feelings about the Live Earth concert celebrated by Israeli artists tomorrow. On one hand we are really excited about the event leading up to it - today there was a green expo and market at Rabin Square promoting organic food and clothing; ecological movies, shows for kids and a yoga workshop in Tel Aviv. And tomorrow from 6 to 11 pm will be a large screen set up at Rabin Square to broadcast the event live from Channel 10. Some local Israeli artists are expected to perform and will include Din Din Aviv, Mosh Ben Ari, Shotei Hanevua and the Jerusalem band Hadag Nachash.Why the mixed feelings? The concert is going to start broadcasting during the Sabbath. And in a way, the Sabbath in Israel offers a 24+ hour period reprieve for nature from man’s material demands. Observant Jews park their cars, turn off the electrical appliances, refrain from working, plowing the fields; and they give their animals rest too. Studies of air pollution levels in Israel decrease dramatically from the Friday night to sundown Saturday night, making us wonder why green groups throughout Israel don’t use Shabbat for their own environmental agenda?

The Live Earth from Israel is sponsored by Zalul, a marine and river protection NGO. If you are in the neighborhood, you are invited to stop by their booth to learn about how climate change is affecting Israel's rivers and seas. The bad news will be made sweeter with a free popsicle. ::Zalul

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