The Littlest (and newest) Treehugger


Well folks, it turns out that on Friday afternoon I became a dad, and I’ve got to confess that it puts a whole lot of things in proper perspective. As a teacher and environmentalist I’ve spent so much time trying to convince others to do things like help stop global warming because our collective kids have a common future at stake. I’ve always expected that one day that group would include one of my own, but now it’s just a whole lot more real. It also helped me to see in a whole new light how culturally ingrained the problems are, and how much of a long term commitment it will take to really change things. As I’m watching this truly incredible group of nurses throw away piece after piece of various unsustainable products while caring for my newborn son in the most caring way, it really helped me see how far there is to go. Obviously, in a hospital setting there is much that can be used just once due to the need for a sterile environment, but it was apparent to me that there is room to grow. Hopefully, my son Robert will get the chance to see that happen.