The Lazy Environmentalist Goes Live Daily on Lime Radio


For those of you who just can't get enough of Josh Dorfman's weekly radio show, The Lazy Environmentalist, you be pleased to hear that from this Monday you will be able to get Dorfman daily! Yup that's a whole lot more Josh on your radio waves. He of the cutting edge green design store Vivavi will be bringing his dulcet tones and entertaining interviewing style to Lime Radio’s channel on Sirius Satellite Radio (Channel 114) every week day morning at 11am EST throughout North America. Josh tells us that this is "the first daily nationally broadcast radio program dedicated to the ideas, trends and innovations surrounding a modern green lifestyle." For the unitiated amongst you The Lazy Environmentalist "covers topics like fashion, design, building, travel, and transportation, offering insight into cutting-edge eco-friendly products and services and interviews with the designers, entrepreneurs and visionaries who are at the forefront of the new green economy." Keep your ears out for some high profile guests in the upcoming March programs including Chris Paine - Writer/Director of Who Killed The Electric Car? Mariel Hemingway - Actress and Author of Healthy Living From The Inside Out and Zem Joaquin - Green Editor for House and Garden Magazine and for While Josh might like us to think he's a 'Lazy Environmentalist' we're not so sure now...5 radio shows a week, whilst also running Vivavi, and writing a book doesn't seem too shabby to us! :: The Lazy Environmentalist