The Last Winter: A Climate Change Horror Flick


The subject of Climate Change is becoming fertile ground for new movies. It all started with the less-than-brilliant The Day After Tomorrow which nevertheless once made our list for Christmas DVDs, much to our readers' disgust, but has since lead to more notable offerings, most obviously Al Gore's Oscar-winning Inconvenient Truth. Surprisingly though, given the scary nature of recent climate change news, we've yet to see a horror flick based on our current predicament, apart from the web-based Climate Mash. All this may be set to change though, reading the New York Times review of The Last Winter certainly suggests to us that this may be a powerful global warming morality tale:

Set in the blinding white beauty of the Alaskan wilderness (though mostly shot in Iceland), the story brings us close to a small research team scouting the crude commercial possibilities for a large oil concern. Under the corporate rubric of "energy independence," the company hopes to drill through the permafrost, a scheme that promises shivers that have nothing to do with the cold. Ah, but the ice is melting, melting, which makes the truth as inconvenient as it is deadly.

Sadly, given the dramatic increase in ice melt this past summer, the (inconvenient) truth may very well be scarier than fiction. ::The Last Winter::via New York Times::

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