The Laptop Lunchbox Reduces Waste, Saves You Cash

This kid certainly seems to be having a great time mugging for the camera, but the laptop lunchbox he’s showing off can really make a difference in waste reduction at lunchtime this school year. Essentially, it’s a lunchbox that doesn’t require paper or plastic bags to hold food at all, as it consists of a whole group of separate compartments inside of a main, laptop-shaped box that can each hold one part of lunch. Presumably, the child will be returning home with it at the end of the day, allowing it to be refilled the next with something reasonably healthy in a virtuous cycle of reduced waste and improved eating habits.

Of course there’s no guarantee that your charming wunderkind will actually remember to bring it home each day, or that it won’t meet an untimely end some rather bleak February morning beneath the wheels of a lurching school bus… But the product itself does seem destined to help reduce waste significantly. In fact, current estimates suggest that the average child creates upwards of 60 pounds of waste per year from using a disposable lunch at school; and with most parents I know at least beginning to engage in the relatively nightmarish ritual of back to school shopping this may be one purchase that can also wind up saving you money by eliminating the costs of all that extra packaging throughout the school year too.

Happy shopping!

Via:: Nature Moms