The Infrastructurist Launches, 7Gen Blog Goes to the Carnival, Triple Pundit on Stimulus Plan, and More

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7Gen Blog: Carnival of the Green #165! by Chris
"Alison Kerr of the Homeschooler's Guide to the Galaxy asks, "What does growing green mean to you?" She explores three different aspects of growing green and how they work together to provide the impetus for moving forward."Haute Nature: Nancy Dong: Eco Footwear Founder by H
"The Kailia Label is high end, Italian made and super stylish...while Do-Ni is a project that is intended to share the retail profits with non-profits that are involved with helping animals, the environment, and those who are disadvantaged with no voice."

Jetson Green: Google Trends Offers Insight into the Direction of Green Building by Cara Mae Cirignano. "Google Trends has been on the radar of software techies, research junkies, Google aficionados, and the otherwise internet-obsessed since the summer of 2006. It's a tool for tracking the search popularity of high traffic terms."

The Infrastructurist: A Report from Ground Zero of the Coal Ash Spill by Summer Rayne Oakes. "After the flurry of national news coverage died down, model and international green maven Summer Rayne Oakes travelled to the site of last month's catastrophic coal ash spill in Kingston, Tennessee, to get a better understanding of how the local people and ecology were affected."

Triple Pundit: Stimulus Plan-Senate Version Adds Funding for Clean Coal by Jim Witkin. "Now that the President's stimulus bill has moved to the Senate, the clean energy debate is likely to take a different tack, raising the more fundamental issue of what constitutes "clean energy" and who gets to define it."

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