The Happy Happy Plastic Stadium — Biggest Plastic Art Installation Ever?

happy happy plastic stadium design photo

Photo courtesy of Design Spotter

Last September, thousands of people all over Seoul collected 1.7 million pieces of discarded plastic in order to create the "Happy Happy" Plastic Stadium, possibly the world's biggest plastic art installation. The eerily named Godsome, a Korean public art and design company, spearheaded the project to transform the gigantic Jamsil Sports Complex into an enormous eco art installation. The work was presented for the Seoul Design Olympiad 2008, which is actually being held at the Jamsil. But is the stadium-sized plastic art installation the biggest ever created? Only the compilers of the Guinness Book of World Records can say for certain.And they've been already contacted by the city of Seoul in hopes of obtaining a listing. Whether or not it's the absolute biggest, there's no denying that the Happy Happy is impressive—it took 3,600 people, 488 dump trucks, 40 days, and some 1,763,360 pieces of plastic to create. By garbage art standards, that's downright massive. Even retail chains and banks around the city pitched in and offered collection centers at their locations. The work was designed by the installation artist Choi Jeong-hwa.

The Seoul Design Olympiad 2008 is currently underway—it's held from Oct. 10 through Oct. 30.

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