The Grove Hopes to Connect Citizens With Trees

georgia grove project website image

A new website was launched by Georgia Urban Forest Council that wants to utilize the appeal of social networking to get more trees planted. It's appropriately called The Grove. The website was launched in an effort to get citizens active and encouraged to plant trees in the urban areas. The Grove provides a place to share stories about tree planting, so that others can get excited about it too.

To be a part of The Grove, Georgia residents can log onto There they can create a free account, plant a tree with family and friends, take pictures of the occasion, then upload their photos and post their stories to share the experience with other Grove members. In addition, The Grove offers an interactive Tree Match Tool that provides guidance on choosing the right tree to commemorate a special event, as well as information on tree planting, tree care tips and the benefits of maintaining a healthy urban forest.

The urban canopy of Georgia has been diminishing, and this is a pretty socially savvy way to get the citizens involved in arboreal preservation. And thats something all TreeHuggers can appreciate.

Via The Georgia Urban Forest Council
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