The Greenest Way to Make a Business Card

Bioneers Business Card on a Leaf Photo

It's really easy to gather up stacks and stacks of paper at a conference, most of which you end up not needing or wanting, and so tossing into a recycling bin. I try to avoid paper at conferences for this reason, opting to write down pertinent info in a note pad, or grabbing the good old-fashioned business card which gives the info needed on the smallest amount of paper.

However, there are ways to green up even tiny business cards.This pile of leaves caught my attention while perusing exhibitor tables at Bioneers 2008. The creator cleverly gathered up leaves and stamped their business info on them. Kind of the opposite of business cards that grow.

But the conservation didn't stop with skipping the paper. Flip the leaf over, and another organization's info is stamped on. Two companies get exposure in one of the cheapest, greenest ways I've seen, save scratching out info on someone else's card and writing in your own.

A few days after picking up the leaf, it is still a lovely shade of green, and has dried to a sturdy, card-like structure. Great thinking - a paper business card without any manufacturing!

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