The Greenest Oscar Nominees, Stephen Colbert Takes on Sea Shepherd, and More

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While you're putting the finishing touches on plans for this weekend's Oscar viewing party, don't miss Ecorazzi's guide to the greenest nominees up for awards this year. From Nicole Kidman's alpaca farm and Jeff Bridges' anti-bottled water stance to the environmental films competing for best documentary, see which issues are taking center stage for these Hollywood A-listers.

Emma Watson's Last People Tree Collection

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Before Emma Watson moves on to her upcoming collaboration with designer Alberta Ferretti, she put the finishing touches on her last series -- launching February 28 -- for Fair Trade brand People Tree. "I designed the collection last year after I'd started university in the U.S.," she says. "Safia, People Tree's founder, and Misato, People Tree's designer, came out to work with me in Rhode Island. Together we decided on all the colours, fabrics, shapes and craft skills. Most of all, we took care to design a really wearable collection that truly celebrates the skills of People Tree's Fair Trade groups around the world." For a sneak preview of the end results (for men and women), visit People Tree's online store. (Via Mother Nature Network)

Stephen Colbert Takes on Sea Shepherd

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In the wake of the announcement that Sea Shepherd's efforts to disrupt the Japanese whaling efforts had resulted in the end of this year's hunt more than a month ahead of schedule, Stephen Colbert called out "environmentalist blubber huggers" in this clip from The Colbert Report. For more ways the Sea Shepherd team is succeeding, check out five ways the crew's methods are changing the world of whales. (Via Vegetarian Star)

Suzy Cameron's Winning Announcement

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At Global Green's Pre-Oscar party, stars including James Cameron, Alison Brie, Maggie Grace, and Orlando Bloom showed up to support the environmental non-profit. And Cameron's wife, Suzy Amis Cameron, unveiled the winner of her Red Carpet Green Dress contest -- designer Samata Angel, who created a gown from sustainable silk and non-toxic dyes. "I started Red Carpet Green Dress not only to benefit MUSE School CA and MUSE Global, but to show that sustainable design can also be beautiful," said Cameron. "All of us wear clothing, and buying clothes that aren't energy intensive and don't use toxic dyes is one way we can reduce our impact. Samata Angel's incredible gown is proof that exquisite design and sustainability can come together."

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