The greencodeproject: No Impact Media


Hollywood may have brought us The Inconvenient Truth, Who Killed the Electric Car?, The Day After Tomorrow, etc. They may have carbon offset such films as Syriana and Sweet Land. They may travel to the Oscars in hybrid cars, or cruise tinsel town on a bicycle. But maybe they also can be more holistic in their approach to their craft, like, say, the inimitable Robert Newman. At least that seems to be the aim of the greencodeproject. Documentary and filmmakers, cross-media producers and broadcasters are encouraged to adopt their own mini Kyoto. "The essence of the project will be to research and develop a Green Code for Film, an open set of guidelines, suggestions and principles which will guide the actions of those individuals and companies who support the Code. These might range from the smallest of eco-actions like using fair trade coffee in the office, or using post-consumer re-cycled paper, to hiring production vehicles from transportation car-share co-ops now springing up everywhere, to making larger commitments to community education or producing more socially engaged, or bio-ethical media." Their official Canadian launch is planned for the Hot Docs festival in Toronto late next month. ::greencodeproject.

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