The Green Stampede Hits College Football — Greening the Gridiron

Photo courtesy of CU Buffs

The University of Colorado, home of the Big 12 team the Buffaloes, has launched the "Green Stampede"—an initiative designed to limit the environmental impact of their home stadium and road games. The Stampede is presented by Colorado based WhiteWave Foods Company, and will improve the sustainability of nearly every aspect of the gridiron. Green Gridiron, Green Football

Stadium-side, there'll be plenty of environmental improvements: food and drink containers will be recyclable, refillable, and compostable, all energy used by the stadium will be offset with wind energy credits, a free bike valet will be in service to encourage alternative transportation, and much of the waste generated at the stadium will be composted (an estimated 90 percent, which will save nearly nine tons of landfill space over the season).

Green Road Games
The Colorado Carbon Fund will offset the Buffaloes' travel energy consumption, making the Big 12 team perhaps the greenest on the road.

Nearly 48 million people attend college football games every year—which makes for a prime opportunity for some serious greening. With programs like the Green Stampede in full swing, perhaps football is on its way to becoming the latest sustainable outdoor sport. Hopefully other Big 12 teams will take note and follow their example.

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