The Green Room: iTunes' Section for Environmental Podcasts


Like green? Like podcasts? Like 'em both, for free? Of course you do. If you can't get enough green listening from TreeHugger Radio and the like, and want to get more green news and views zapped directly to your computer, this is for you. The good folks at iTunes have aggregated some of the best environment-related podcasts in one handy spot, for you to subscribe to (for free!) and consume at your leisure.

Included are our pals from Grist, and Lazy Environmentalist Josh Dorfman, along with some quality programming from Public Radio International (their "Living on Earth" show) and The Sierra Club. Several of the shows are more thematic, with eco-listening from NPR (on climate change) and "Eco Biz" from the Sundance Channel, just to name a few. So, no matter your environmental persuasion, there's a podcast to help you get your green swerve on. Check 'em all out and get subscribing at ::iTunes Green Room