The Green Parent October/November: The Learning Special

Back in June we wrote about UK-based The Green Parent magazine and its intriguing sounding article on The Diary of a Pregnant Man, and our recent post about Ebay’s decision to ban the sale of used diapers was also prompted by a story in the magazine’s October/November issue. But diaper-related controversies are not the only interesting subject covered by this wide-ranging publication. Also included in the same issue are a series of informative articles on schooling options, from alternative schools, to the global Eco-schools program, to home schooling options, as well as some great resource guides for environmentally and socially conscious back-to-school supplies. It doesn’t end there though, the magazine also covers the subject of co-sleeping, provides advice on everything from hiking with children to sourcing organic baby clothes, and also finds time to look at green homes, sustainable gardening, the rebirth of traditional apple varieties, and even to review the best of the UK’s apple juice and cider makers [NB – cider in the UK refers to alcoholic cider, so those ones are definitely for the parent, not the child!].
The Green Parent really does seem to be growing in both scope and popularity, and we wish it well. Unfortunately, little, if any, of the current issue is available online at their home page, though there are numerous resources and forums to get you started, and a copy of the magazine or a subscription can be ordered here. For more advice on green parenting, why not also check out our guides on How to Green Your Baby, and How to Green Your Kids’ Toys? ::The Green Parent:: via review copy::