The Green Map of Jerusalem

It's a shame that it's not yet in English and accessible to foreign tongues, but this Hebrew video documents the creation of Israel's first Green Map. You've read about the project right? Green Maps are community and culture-specific maps that point out green points of interest: Where to find the best cloud-glazing vista in the Prairies, a good veggie burger in Cincinnati, or a recycling box in Berlin. Ready for some freaky music and some green Hebrew storytelling in motion? You'll have to find an Israeli friend to translate all the juicy green deets.

This video documents Jerusalem's new Green Map. Rough translation: "We are proud to be the first ones in the Middle East that are preparing a Green Map."Led by the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (like the Sierra Club), the basic idea was to build a green map of Jerusalem on similar principles to Green Maps around the world. Volunteers working with schoolchildren added in points of green interest and included community gardens and businesses that sell organic food, second hand clothes, and used books. "We also chose businesses that provide services that promote recycling, such as cobblers."

Watch the map builders roam the streets of Jerusalem. See cobblers in action. Hear them talking Hebrew. Find all TreeHugger posts on Green Maps here. ::Green Map Jerusalem