The Green Guide Girls: Guide to Book Publishing


Every 30 seconds, a book is published somewhere in the world. Stamping out our ideas in chemical ink on mashed up wood pulp is a process that leaves a lot of room for ecological improvement. The Green Guide Girls: Guide to Book Publishing is the first book to tackle head-on the task of systematically lightening the ecological footprint of the book production process. Cindy Katz (CEO and founder of Plant a Tree USA) and Jennifer S. Wilkov (author of the Dating Your Money series and publisher of E.S.P. Press Corp.) are the Green Guide Girls™, and their roadmap to greener publishing is coming out June 1st, kicking off with a champagne toast this evening in NYC. In their own words, " we know that everything begins in that moment of decision, that one breath when you say to your publisher, book manufacturer, printer, and book consultant, would you like to publish my book? We also know that in the same breath there is one question that has the power to transform the industry as we know it: "how do we make THAT book 'green'?"" Jennifer and Cindy are also contributing two guides, one for authors and one for publishers, to TreeHugger's How to Green Your Life series. ::The Green Guide Girls

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