The Green Goat


A few months back we talked about Recreational Equipment (REI) Co-op having a eco-sensitive labelling program so you could find any green tinged clothing they sold. We neglected to inform you that have their own version that covers the full gamut of outdoor adventure gear., from women's and men's clothing through footwear, accessories and camping and hiking gear.

An online retailer of stuff for backpacking, climbing, snow sports, climbing and kayaking Backcountry sells almost 50,000 products from some 250 brands, so it could otherwise be tricky to find those goods that have an eco-edge. The Green Goat page shepherds them all into a single page.

"We respect the companies who refuse to compromise their environmentally-oriented principles in the pursuit of the next great piece of gear. This may mean using organic materials and renewable resources, or it may mean implementing sustainable, environmentally-sound production techniques."

They say they award those who've tried hard to help the planet with their Green Goat logo. We might not agree with all the selections, but it is a very significant step-up from most online stores, and an idea we hope that more will embrace. ::The Green Goat

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