The Green Bible. No Really, The Green Bible.


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Hallelujah! Coming soon to an eco-hotel nightstand near you: a greener Bible. Christian publishing company Thomas Nelson Inc. announced today that it has just come out with the first FSC-certified Bible. With many church leaders taking a stand on environmental issues, we're guessing Thomas Nelson is betting they will put their money where their mouth is. Maybe we will even start to see whole congregations demand sustainably-made Bibles. Tyson Miller of the non-profit Green Press Initiative (which Thomas Nelson INc. is a part of ) chimed in:

Given the Bible’s message of stewardship and the growth of the creation care movement, we hope to see other Bible and religion publishers following Thomas Nelson’s lead through steps to use paper with less impacts on forests, people and the climate.

With this Bible at home and a solar-powered talking Bible for the road, you should have the green Bible beat covered.

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